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Everyone is on the internet for different reasons. While the elders are seeking new experiences, youngsters are busy exploring new avenues. And so we call this generation, the Digital Generation.

Simultaneously, it is the marketer who has capitalised on this benefit by reaching out to their consumers individually and at a very reasonable rate. As a result, this medium serves as their Avatar.

DG Avatar has grown in this identical space and desires to serve the partners with high augmentation & endeavour.

Who Are We

DG Avatar specialises in all types of branding solutions and primarily serves the Film and Entertainment sector.

Our Mission


Why Choose Us?

We love to innovate. If it’s an on-ground digital led innovation, give us the brief and we will get you some awe-inspiring ideas.

DG Avatar has a team of professionals highly experienced in core entertainment strategy with many brand, celebrity, filmy and other Avatars.

Be it a celebrity, movie or an entertainment brand, we have all the resources to maintain the standing on digital through our media sources.

In order for a film to work on digital, there are a few things required.

– Maximum Reach in minimum time

– Maximum platforms for maximum reach.

DG Avatar takes care of these pointers and has associated with many communities  & influencers.

Looking to generate a branded content? We are there to help you out with the best video concepts that can go viral. From creation to execution, our resources are dedicated to produce exciting outputs.

DG Avatar specializes in all kinds of branding solutions and focuses to cater the films & entertainment sector

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Social Media

Don’t miss our future updates! Follow our social media platforms